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Specialist Fabrics and Testing Standards

CS Solutions provides, via a Dutch distributor, a series of test fabrics treated with dyes of known chemical structure. These fabrics exhibit known fading responses when domestically laundered in a detergent containing oxidative-bleach chemicals.

Our fabrics are used by the European detergent industry when developing and marketing new laundry products, ensuring no adverse (fading) effects on clothes and household articles as a result of laundering.

Currently, CS Solutions Ltd is working to produce a selection of test fabrics aimed at defining the efficacy of chemical detergents and their ability to minimise staining of white/pale-coloured articles in a typical mixed domestic laundry load.

We are able to provide coloured textile fabrics with a defined response to a chemical agent. Our range of fabrics include:

  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Acrylic

We currently supply the AISE (39) Dye Set to the Centre for Test Materials (C.F.T. BV) in Vlaardingen, Holland. For more information about this, please visit or email