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Colour Synthesis Solutions is a successful and expanding small business based in Manchester, UK.

As a small business we are always looking to recruit talented laboratory chemists to join our chemistry team and complete our challenging synthetic projects.

Our customers always expect the highest standards and as such we must consistently deliver high quality compounds and help develop commercially viable synthetic routes in the process. Our customers expect us to provide novel and innovative ideas to help them achieve their project goals.

We achieve this by utilising our highly talented team of organic chemists to help our customers design novel molecules for applications across many industries, including the electronics industry (e.g. dichroic dyes and liquid crystals), DSSC solar dyes, textile dyes and optical brighteners to name just a few.


Recruiting PhD Research Chemist 

We are currently looking to recruit a PhD chemist that can complete synthetic projects to tight deadlines. Existing experience in laboratory organic synthesis is expected; however, an enthusiasm for lab chemistry and  a strong willingness to learn new techniques are just as important to us. We require strong communication skills, both written and oral, good computer skills and a hands-on, proactive approach to lab work. An interest in scaling up laboratory work to >20L is advantageous and a knowledge of standard analytical techniques essential. Due to the work we currently have a practical knowledge of organometallic and cross-coupling reactions is also desirable.


Recruiting Scale-up chemists / technicians

Due to our current expansion into a 50L scale research laboratory, we are recruiting up to 2 experienced kilo lab chemists or technicians. A BSc / HND in chemistry is desirable, but experience in using jacketed vessels and pilot plant scale equipment to 20/50L and a knowledge of safety and hazards at this scale is essential. We would expect the successful candidates to be able to work independently whilst closely following batch records and maintaining an efficient and safe lab. The position/s are available from August 2017.


Recruiting Kilo-lab manager

Due to our Kilo lab expansion, CSS require a full-time Kilo lab manager. A PhD in chemistry or a related subject is desirable, but the proven ability to maintain a safe, efficient kilo lab to high standards is essential. The role will include management of 2 kilo chemists/technicians. It would be expected the successful candidate could prepare batch records, safety data, process risk assessments and understand the safety and hazards associated with working in a scale-up research facility. A willingness to be flexible in their approach is expected. The successful candidate must be able to write and maintain high quality documentation and records of all processes and be fluent in the use of IT systems.

If you feel that you have the necessary skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to be a success at Colour Synthesis Solutions, then please submit your contact  information using the contact form, expressing an interest in this position. We look forward to hearing from you!